Furniture Cleaning – Residential

Dallas-Fort Worth Residential Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning

At Supreme Clean of Texas, we utilize specialized cleaning solutions and powerful cleaning equipment to get deep in the fibers to remove dirt, soiling, and staining. Many store bought detergents and cleaners can only do so much and in some cases damage your furniture. This is why we highly recommend a steam furniture cleaning, which is 100% safe and will not damage your furniture.

Our technicians also always examine your fabric to provide a special tailored cleaning and make sure there won’t be any adverse reactions to the solutions we use. Let our professional deep clean inject new life into your favorite chair or sofa.

Cleaning Codes

Before we clean your furniture, we closely examine it to determine the most suitable cleaning method. You can also check this yourself; most modern furniture comes with a cleaning code, which you can typically find on the label under the cushions. This will provide an immediate recommendation as to what sort of cleaning method to use.

  • W-code: The fabric may be cleaned using water or a water-based upholstery cleaner.
  • S-code: This type of furniture cannot be cleaned using water, and must be cleaned using a dry cleaning method.
  • S/W-code: This fabric can be cleaned with both dry cleaning and water-based cleaning methods.
  • X-code: This code indicates that furniture cannot be cleaned using any water-based products and can only be vacuumed. This code is rarely used.


Stain Treatment

Staining on furniture is often difficult to get rid of using consumer cleaning products. However, we can remove many different kinds of stains from your furniture by using special methods that suit your furniture’s fabric. We can also apply a protector that acts as an invisible barrier that keeps soiling from getting too deep into the fibers. This upholstery protector will make maintenance on your furniture much more effective.